A core trading company of the UACJ Group that contributes to
the manufacture of products containing aluminum or copper

Corporate Profile • History • ISO•AS

Corporate Profile

Company name UACJ Trading Corporation
Representative Director Michinori Morikawa
Date of foundation November 28th 1947
Capital 1,500 million yen
Number of employees 135
Transaction volume Approx. 94,100 million yen a year
Main stock holder UACJ Corporation
Main bank reference Sumitomo Mitsui Banking,Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank
Osaka Head Office Sumitomo-building. 4-7-28, Kitahama, chuo-ku,Osaka, Japan541-0041 Map
Tokyo Head Office 7F, Shinagawa Season Terrace,1-2-70
Konan, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan 108-0075 Map
Branch and Office Nagoya, Ashikaga, Shiga, Seoul
Affiliated Company in Japan IZUMI METAL Corporation.
KAMAKURA Industry Co.,LTD.
Affiliated Companies at oversea Thailand、Shanghai, Kunshan, Dalian, Czech, America, Poland


Nov. 1947 Established as Osaka Kanamono Corporation invested by Sumitomo Metal Industries, Ltd. with a capital of 195,000 yen for the purpose of selling non-ferrous metal products.
Feb. 1964 Sumitomo Light Metal established ALUMI-CENTER and we are nominated to undertake distributing service on behalf of SLM
Apr. 1967 Capital 50,000,000yen.
Company name changed to Izumi Kinzoku Shoji Corporation.
Apr. 1968 Capital 100,000,000yen.
Sep. 1969 Acquired Osaka Alumi Center from Sumitomo Light Metal.
Jul. 1975 Capital 300,000,000yen.
Company name changed to Sumikei Kinzoku Shoji Kaisha Ltd.
Apr. 1983 Alumi-Center Ltd. founded.
Jul. 1990 Company name changed to Sumikeisho Corporation
Nov. 1997 50 years anniversary of the company
Apr. 2001 Capital 302,000,000yen.
Feb. 2003 Obtained ISO 9001 Certification to the Whole Organization. (It only applies to the Sales Department)
Apr. 2003 Set up Dalian office at Dalian F.T.Z. in china.
Feb. 2005 Set up SUMIKEISHO CZECH s.r.o.
Mar. 2005 Capital 650,000,000yen.
Oct. 2006 Opened Seoul office.
Feb. 2007 ISO 14001 certification acquired at all business offices.
Mar. 2007 Capital 450,000,000yen.
Jul. 2008 Merged with SHOEIKINZOKU Co.,LTD.
Jul. 2010 Shifted to two Head Office system.
(Osaka Head Office/Tokyo Head Office)
Jul. 2012 It subsidized ALCUT Co.,LTD.
Mar.2013 Capital 1,500,000,000yen.
Apr.2013 ALUMI-CENTER merged with ALCUT, changed the company name to METALCUT Corporation.
Oct.2013 Company name changed to UACJ Trading Corporation.
Jul.2014 Set up UACJ Trading (America)Co.,Ltd.
Oct.2018 UACJ Corporation. founded UACJ Aluminium Center Corporation.
Changed the status of METALCUT Corporation. to an affiliate of UACJ Aluminium Center Corporation.
Jan.2022 UACJ Trading (America) Co., Ltd. merges with UACJ Marketing & Processing America, Inc. to become UACJ Trading & Processing America, Inc.
Apr.2023 Closed Kyushu office.
Aug.2023 Established UACJ Trading Poland Sp.Z O.O.


UACJ Trading Corporation has established a quality control/environment management system based on these two standards, and is systematically promoting proposal-based sales intended to improve customer satisfaction and trust, and the provision of top-quality environmentally friendly products and services.

Accreditation Body JAB (The Japan Accreditantion Board for Conformity Assessment)
UKAS (United kingdom Accreditation Service)
Registered Examining Body SGS Japan Inc.
Scope of Accreditation “Sales of metal materials such as non-ferrous metal rolled products, re-rolled copper products, iron, stainless steel, etc., and their fabricated products”
Accreditation Registration No.
Quality Policy “To provide reliable solutions and high-quality distribution services that respond to customer requests and concerns, and to continually improve customer satisfaction and trust”
Environmental Policy
I.Basic Philosophy
We, UACJ Trading Corporation (simply referred to below as “the Company”), are strongly aware that global environmental issues are the most important issue common to Man, and shall act attentively with respect to the environment in all aspects of our corporate activities.
II.Basic Policy
We conduct business and provides services relating to materials such as aluminum, copper, and stainless steel, and fabricated products made from these materials. We shall establish an environmental management system to help conserve and protect the global environment, as it functions as a corporation operating in Japan and abroad. The Environmental Management System acts as follows.
  • 1.Observance of Environmental Laws and Regulations
    We shall strictly observe laws, regulations, ordinances, etc. relating to the environment, and other requirements agreed upon by the Company in an effort to improve environmental management.
  • 2.Provision of Environmentally Friendly Products and Services
    Through corporate activities, we shall strive to propose and popularize environmentally friendly products and services to help reduce the social impact on the environment.
  • 3.Promotes Environmental Conservation and Protection Activities
    We shall be actively engaged in conserving and utilizing effectively both resources and energy. We do our utmost to prevent pollution. We heighten all our employees' awareness of the importance of global environmental conservation and protection.
  • 4.Continual Improvement of Environmental Management System
    By setting environmental aims and targets based on this Environmental Policy, and by reviewing these periodically and whenever necessary, we shall attempt to enhance the system even further and improve it on a continual basis.
  • 5.Common Knowledge and Disclosure of Environmental Policy
    We shall make this Environmental Policy known to all employees who are participating in environmental management, and shall also disclose Environmental Policy to outside the Company.
Accredited Offices Osaka Head Office, Tokyo Head Office ,
and other sales offices(Nagoya) ,
offices(Ashikaga,Shiga) (ISO9001 only applies to the Sales Department)


Our Osaka Sales Department II has obtained AS9120 certification in its stocking and reselling of components and devices for aerospace and defense industries.
We have established our quality management system in relation to our Osaka Sales Department II's stocking and reselling of components and devices for aerospace and defense industries, based on the AS9120 standards. We are systematically promoting our proposal-type sales activity aiming at increasing customers' satisfaction as well as their confidence, and provision of high-quality products and services.

Accreditation Body ANAB
Registered Examining Body DNV GL
Scope of Accreditation Stocking and reselling of components and devices for aerospace and defense industries
Accreditation Registration No.

(To apply only to the Osaka Sales Department II's stocking and reselling for aerospace and defense industries)

Quality Policy “To provide our customers with appropriate solutions and high-quality distribution services to cope with the customers' demand or their troubles, and to constantly try to increase our customers' satisfaction and confidence.”