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Spread of Aluminum

Spread of Aluminum

So close to us?
The aluminum is useful in every part of our daily life.

Digital home appliances

The precoated aluminum materials to which highly radiate paint is applied are used in PC casings and panels to efficiently diffuse the heat generated by electronic devices.

Air-conditioning equipment

Used in the heat exchangers in the air-conditioning equipment, the precoated aluminum materials play the role of increasing the hydrophilicity and corrosion resistance.

Electronics equipment

Used in casings and panels of smartphones and tablet PCs, aluminum materials contribute to improvement of design and weight reduction.


Since the aluminum is highly radiate, it is used in the radiating formed materials and photosensitive drums of multifunction printers.


A lot of aluminum is used for making the airframes and engines of aircraft. In particular, high tensile aluminum alloy is used in the airframes to realize the lightweight airframes having strength and rigidity.


The aluminum alloy is used not only in the interior decoration and window frames, but in general railroad cars centering at Shinkansen and subways.

Beverage cans

Aluminum is widely used as beverage cans for its characteristics of getting cold rapidly and being easily recyclable.


It is frequently used in construction materials, such as curtain walls which are indispensable for high-rise buildings, and aluminum window frames, as well as aluminum honeycomb materials having splendid design property.


Aluminum is used in a number of components, including wheels, door materials, hoods, and suspensions; in recent years it has come to be used for making car bodies. It is contributing to meeting the car maker's needs for making lightweight cars.