We supply customers in a wide range of fields with non-ferrous materials,
such as aluminum and copper, and processed parts from these materials.

Business model

We are a trading company that is extending its business to a global reach, specializing in aluminum and copper materials, as well as processed parts.

We supply non-ferrous materials such as aluminum and copper and processed parts to a wide range of customers.
With the unique collection of knowledge of our field that we have accumulated and the many suppliers we can tap in the search for the right deal, we can procure the right product for you from the right place at the right price.

We support all kinds of product manufacturing.

People use lots of non-ferrous metals, including aluminum and copper, every day of their lives.
We supply high quality aluminum and copper materials and processed parts that are used every day, in everything from beverage cans to automobiles, aircraft, IT equipment and housing construction. We support sophisticated and specialized product manufacturing with basic materials and processed parts.

Coordinating products from different sources of customers

As a procurement agency, we are in contact with many sources of customers. This allows us to coordinate procurement operations, reduce costs, and meet required delivery times.We deal with all the procurement requirements, not only domestic to Japan, but local to you outside Japan. We import, procure, and deliver to our customers.To make this work, our logistic agency service handles the complex trade formalities, and applies for the required import approvals, to make customers' logistics smooth.

Overseas business sites