Supply non-ferrous metals such as high-quality aluminum and copper quickly

Products handled

Transportation industry

Our versatile materials are employed in transportation equipment such as automobiles, railway cars, and aircraft.

  • Automobiles

    Aluminum components for hybrid vehicles, for doors, for wheels, panel materials, castings, forged materials, and on and on

  • Trains

    Air springs for railway cars, heat pipe type heat exchangers, brazing heat sinks, aluminum plates, extruded materials, casting, forged materials, and lots more.

  • Ocean-going vessels

    Structural material for vessels, aluminum fittings for LNG vessels, and more

  • Aircraft

    Duraluminium AL bars, for the engine cooler, aircraft structural materials, aluminum containers, and other

Introduces some of the products

  • Aluminum double tubing for automobile air conditioners

    We offer various kinds of products including automotive air conditioning parts, door materials, engine parts, and lithium-ion battery materials.

  • Railway car parts

    We supply various materials and parts for railway cars including formed materials for car bodies, aluminum plates, and air springs.

  • Shinkansen components

    Our products are employed in various ways to make Shinkansen engines and cars.

  • Aluminum wheels

    5000 and 6000 series alloys offer excellent strength and corrosion resistance. They are often used for pressing processes such as forming aluminum wheels.