Supply non-ferrous metals such as high-quality aluminum and copper quickly

Products handled

Electrical and machine industries

We supply materials that are used for environment-related products such as LEDs and solar panels, as well as AV equipment and copy machines.

  • AV and OA related equipment

    Aluminum heat sinks for copy machines, aluminum tubes for photosensitive drums, AV panels, and so forth.

  • Air conditioning and heat exchanger components

    Aluminum plates for fins, copper tubing, aluminum tubing, copper plumbing parts, and others

  • Home appliances, lighting equipment

    Heat sinks for LEDs, heater glass tubing for refrigerators, press formed parts for rice cookers, solar panel frames, and others.

Introduces some of the products

  • OA device components

    We supply various materials and parts from heat sink until photo sensitive drum pipe.Pull out tubes, used for photosensitive drum in copiers, are required high dimensional precision and surface quality. We supply raw material for these tubes that match these high requirements.

  • Fin tubes

    Our aluminum an copper are used for various parts mounted in home use air conditioners, up to heat exchangers in industrial plants.Our aluminum coils for fin materials are optimized mixing of additives in order to improve heat exchange rate; They have higher thermal conductivity than conventional ones.

  • Rice cookers

    Compared to a rice cooker made only of stainless steel, a rice cooker that is made using SUS/AL clad materials is lighter in weight, has better thermal conductivity and better rust resistance. So it is used for the inner pot in the rice cooker.