Supply non-ferrous metals such as high-quality aluminum and copper quickly

Products handled


Copper is used for residential and office environmental equipment, such as air conditioning and refrigeration, pipes for heat exchangers in food-processing facilities, and plumbing parts, such as heat-insulating sheathed pipes, joints, and valves.

  • Copper tubing, finned copper tubing,
    (with rippled fins, small, medium and large fins).

    Copper tubing for air conditioners, heat exchangers, for in-floor heating, for supplying hot and cold water, etc.

  • Plate and coil

    Copper plate for electrical equipment and for construction, and copper foil for lithium-ion batteries, etc.

Introduces some of the products

  • Level wound copper coils

    With its corrosion resistance, good workability, and economy, copper tubing is great for plumbing. It is used for various plumbing applications including supplying hot and cold water, in air conditioning, and in various medical fields.

  • Finned copper tubing

    With grooves inside and outside the tubing, smaller diameter tubes can still provide excellent heat transfer.We supply a range of products, including items with small and large fins, and also complex-geometry high-performance tubing.

  • Copper foil

    This is used for electronic parts, lithium-ion batteries, and in construction materials.