Supply non-ferrous metals such as high-quality aluminum and copper quickly

Products handled

Construction industry

We supplying various materials and parts for residences, such as aluminum window frames and outer wall panels, metal parts for doors, as well as seismic materials for buildings.

  • Building and housing construction industries

    Aluminum window frames, extruded aluminum materials, aluminum panel materials, seismic isolation materials, extruded plastic materials, door parts, handrails, and others

Introduces some of the products

  • Window frame

    6000 series metal alloy has excellent extrusion performance and corrosion resistance, and it looks good too! It is used for making window frames.

  • Colored aluminum

    We also have colored aluminum with a preliminary coat on aluminum plate.We also have baked-on polyester, acrylic, and fluorine agents for aluminum plates, as well as embossing and clear coating.

  • Architectural profiles

    Coating and surfacing processes, such as anodizing, are also available.

  • Composite aluminum and resin plates

    We also supply manufacturers with our aluminum after it has been laminated into composite aluminum and resin plates.These composite plates are extremely durable, rigid, and quite workable. It has high designability and is often used as a signature panel.

  • Honeycomb panels

    Honeycomb panels are lightweight and strong, so it is often used for buildings and large construction projects that require high strength and light weight at the same time.